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Seafood Wholesaler in Thomasville

If you're tired of eating just meat in your diet, perhaps it's time to consider adding seafood to it. However, it may be hard to find quality seafood, especially if you hold high standards for your cooking. Fortunately, you'll find seafood of the best quality when you come to Todd's Seafood. From salmon to frog legs, our shop has it all when it comes to delicious sea creatures. You'll be able to open a whole new door to your meal options.
Todd's Seafood

Quality Seafood

Todd's Seafood first opened our doors in 1958 and have since built a tremendous reputation in the Triad area for having the best fresh seafood, fantastic service, and a family atmosphere that keeps our customers coming back again and again. When you need to satisfy your craving of the sea, you'll find it all in our shop, from fresh fish to shellfish. Customers from miles around come to Todd's Seafood to get their seafood — you should come and find out why for yourself!
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Fresh and Frozen Seafood

If you want to stock up on fresh seafood but can't eat it all in time before it spoils, you can get a variety of fresh and frozen seafood from our shop. We have a wide selection of both, such as frozen salmon fillets, tilapia, shrimp of all different sizes, mahi mahi, and other seasonal products that vary by the season. We also have fresh shrimp (jumbo and medium), oysters, scallops, flounder, croakers, spots, trout, porgies, and more. Our prices can vary from week to week and some products are seasonal, so check with us regularly for what we have to offer.

A Large Selection

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to purchase seafood but was disappointed by the quality and lack of stock? Todd's Seafood large selection of seafood will please even the most discriminating seafood lobster. We have all sorts of seafood imaginable, and even products that you've never tried before! We have regular seafood such as crab, shrimp, and oysters, and more exotic products, such as frog legs and alligator.
Purchase fresh fish from our shop: (336) 476-1158
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